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Time Flies?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

It flies past, sometimes without notice.

"By changing my way of thinking, my perception of time has changed. It feels like the very hands of time have slowed down."

Does Time Really Fly?

Really? Hmmmm....I have heard this expression many times, and even said it myself. A whole year can go by and I am like..."what? already? where did the time go?". But then I got to really thinking about it for some reason (I know...scary right)

Why, when I was a young girl in school I would always say..."I can't wait until summer, then summer would come and then it would be I can't wait until school, then it was I can't wait to be a teenager, then I can't wait to get my license"...and it would feel like everything was taking soooo long!

But then ever since having kids, feels like someone turned a switch or something! The past 17 years honestly feel like they have literally flown by! I mentioned in my first blog post that sometimes I get so caught up in the where we are going, that I forget where I have been. So I decided to try and tap into the "I can't wait" mentality again. I started counting down to things...counted down to my sisters wedding, counting down to weekends and currently counting down to our trip to sunny Cuba!

It is amazing how this simple way of thinking has made me more aware of how I am spending my time. It has helped me to be more present and aware...more alive instead of just #sleepwalking through life! There are segments of my life that are so vague to me it feels like it was maybe a dream or not real.

By changing my way of thinking, my perception of time has changed. It feels like the very hands of time have slowed down. I am happy with this ah-ha moment, and will continue to try and embrace this every single day!!

But I am sure that eventually, slowing down time won't quite be good enough anymore. What about the times I literally want time to stand still? Then of course I am sure someday, will be wishing I could travel back in time!

One day at a time, one moment at a time.


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