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The Spark

Updated: Mar 4

Have you ever had a thought or idea of something that gave you a spark of joy?

When we connect with joy, we connect with light. Being open to feeling joy within ourselves, opens our eyes to the beauty that surrounds us.

"The journey of NessaCery Essence has been exciting and kind of a little scary at the same time. But much like the other adventures I have had along the way, I know it will all be worth it! "

It all started with one spark

Someone once asked me why I decided to start making and selling candles? Without any hesitation, I responded that I didn't "decide" to do decided for me. It all started with a single thought, a spark in my heart. That spark ignited a small flame that kept getting brighter and brighter. It almost became part of me without me even being aware of it. I mentioned it to my family and and a couple of my close friends...they were all for it!

I have always LOVED candles! The simple joy and warmth of the natural light dancing gently around you. With some researching and a little friend called "Google", I was able to order my first candle making kit in January of 2016 and started making some candles in my very own kitchen. I chose to use SOY wax only because of the benefits over the more commonly used paraffin candles on the market. The soy wax we use is made from 100% soybeans, and provides a much cleaner burn. It is better for the environment and better for your home! They also burn about 50 times longer too! Little did I know how much satisfaction I could have in making candles and sharing that with others!

Here is a picture of the very first candle I made! It was a pretty meaningful moment for me to light the wick. That little flame for me was symbol of a new light inside of me, of inspiration and creativity. My heart was filled with excitement and my head was filled with ideas! It was such an amazing feeling!

Over the course of the following days, I started writing down my ideas. Writing them down helped make room for more ideas. After making a batch of tealights and sharing them with some friends to get feedback, I was delighted at their response! My daughter suggested I find some different sized containers to have a consistent look so that people will recognize my candles. Taking her advise, I bought a few sample glass jars, different styles so I could compare and decide. Once I decided on a style and look...back to my notebook I went. Sketching out label designs. It was like one idea, sparked another and then another! I was able to bring my creative thoughts and resources together, and came up with a final packaged product that I was extremely pleased with. So I made more candles and started showing them to my family, friends and co-workers (whom I also consider friends). The response was amazing and I was thrilled they were asking...when can I order?? Of course I was happy to accept orders right away!! In that moment, I realized I was onto something real, and I thought, wow...this could really work! Many suggested I talk to some local stores and see about selling them there. I thought, why not give it a try? I remember being nervous when I got out of the truck and walked into The Plumbers Wife in Arthur at my lunch break. As soon as I started chatting with Paula, I didn't feel nervous anymore! She was very interested, she LOVED the quality and "look" of the product and that she would be happy to carry them in her store, and placed an order immediately! As I sat back in the truck, I remember thinking...did that just really happen?

The next day when I got home from work, decided to go visit Misty Meadows, which is right in Conn to see if they were interested in carrying them! Alvin and Rhoda were happy in giving them a try too. Within a couple weeks, Soy Scents were on the shelves at The Plumbers Wife and Misty Meadows Country Market!

My daughter had started a Facebook page for me in what it seemed like a matter of 3 minutes! It wasn't public yet as we needed to add content to it. One Friday evening I finished adding some photos and details to the pages. I clicked the button to make it public, then took a deep breath and sat back. It was official, NessaCery Essence was in full effect! It was go time!!

I remember being in the kitchen and my daughter yelled out...Mom!!! You already have 60 likes on our page!! It was a very exciting moment, I had goosebumps! Within the next day we had 91 likes!!! Within two days, I had been contacted by a friend from Brussels to see if I was interested in participating in the first annual Ladies Night at the Arena in Brussels.

I was also contacted through facebook by Tammy King, Owner of Solace on Turnberry Spa & Gift Shop. She was interested in talking to me about my candles. Within the week, I was fortunate to meet with Tammy and Kathy at their spa and show them the selection. They too were going to be at Ladies Night, and decided it would be a perfect time to announce the addition of Soy Scents!

It really was meant to be! Brussels is and will always be very dear to my heart! It is the hometown of my best friend whom I am lucky enough to call my husband! We got married there back in 1996 and started our family there. I was more than happy to support the community of Brussels and spend the evening with a beautiful group of women, many of whom I am fortunate enough to call friends!

The journey of NessaCery Essence has been exciting and kind of a little scary at the same time. But much like the other adventures I have had along the way, I know it will all be worth it! Riding a bike for the first time, going to school, getting my first job, finding love, getting married, starting a family. Again, exciting and scary at the same time. But totally worth it! I have been so lucky to have a wonderful family and amazing friends! You inspire me so much! THANK YOU for the sparks!


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