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Big Noise

Updated: Mar 4

In loving memory of Ken Graber Sr. We still hear your voice, it is with us always.

Your laugh and smile were contagious, and we miss you every day. Thank you for all of the wonderful memories.

"Little did I know how much of an impact these noises would make in my life."

Big Noise & Little Noise

Since my husband and his father share the same name, they were differentiated by different ways by different people. Ken and Kenny or Big Ken and Little Ken, but my all time favorite was Nancy's choice of names: Big Noise and Little Noise. Funny enough, these were the perfect nicknames. Little did I know how much of an impact these noises would make in my life. Little Noise was quiet spoken, but at the same time had a quiet confidence about himself that I admired then and still admire now over 22 years later. Sometimes even when circumstance didn't allow us to carry on a complete conversation, we can still communicate with a single look from across the room. He taught me that sometimes little noise or no noise can speak the loudest. Big Noise was (and still is) the opposite of quiet spoken! Never afraid to speak out whatever pops in his head at any given moment, no matter who is around. At the time, there may have been a little help from liquid courage, but with over 18 years of no liquid courage, it is clear to me that he is just naturally courageous! Sometimes the things he would say might offend people, myself included. Considering I was used to watching my "p's" and "q's" and filter things before I spoke, I found his honesty to be kind of refreshing at the same time. We used to get into some pretty intense debates LOL, which we ended up just agreeing to disagree. After all we are all entitled to our own opinions and freedom of speech. For the past 15 years, my father-in-law has been battling an even bigger noise...Cancer!! An interrupting and disruptive noise that has entered into this world which has effected or impacted most people in some way or another. Right from day one, he chose to fight this horrible disease. He has been through a lot and is still going strong! First it was his lungs, then colon, then colon and liver, currently liver again and both lungs and now brain but in his words..."we will fight this, together". He is 100% right, he knows there is a lot of people rooting for him!

The other day, he told me that anytime he feels like giving up, he just thinks of his grandkids. I told him he is setting such a good example for them (and us), to never give up when the going gets tough!

I have always loved the quote..."live, love, laugh". He has shown me the true meaning of these words. He continues to love, live and laugh every single day, regardless of any obstacles that come his way. He doesn't let anything get in his way of doing the things he loves to do. It is with all of my heart and all of my hopes, that this time he beats this once and for all!

We are counting on hearing a lot more "big noise" for a long time yet!!


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