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Welcome to your one-stop-shop for all things NessaCery Essence!  I am so glad you decided to visit and I hope you can easily find what you need. 


Of course if you need any help please be sure to contact Nessa

Find your rhythm, rest your feet, but most importantly hit repeat...

Services & Classes


POUND® Fit is such an energetic and fun class!  A full body cardio-jam session that helps you to connect with your


By drumming and moving your body with the music, you get

cardio, conditioning,

and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements.


The specially designed drumsticks called Ripstix® enhance each POUND® position.  It works the shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms, and back.

This class appeals to men and women of all ages, and is easily modified to suit any fitness level.

BUTI® Yoga

Buti® Yoga was founded in Philadelphia, PA back in 2010 and made it's way into Canada. 

It incorporates traditional yoga moves, inspired dance, cardio bursts and plyometrics. 


Each instructor builds their own playlists allowing them to

connect to the music

and movements as they guide their class.


The energy of the music drives the instructor and inspires the movement.

Every class is unique and invites each guest to step onto their mat with an open mind & kind heart.

Reiki & Hot Stone

Reflexology is a natural healing modality.  It is relaxing, helps to improve circulation, release toxins and promote healing. 


We use a focused pressure technique to stimulate reflex points in your feet or hands.  These points are linked to the glands, organs and parts of your body.


Reiki is an energy healing technique using gentle or no touch. It helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and promotes relaxation.


A relaxing Hot Stone treatment invites your blood vessels to expand, allowing more oxygen to get to your muscles and release toxins.

Soy Wax Candles & Melts


About Nessa


It is my goal to create a fun and welcome space for people to connect with

themselves and others.  I am a BUTI® Yoga Instructor; POUND® Fit Pro;

Reflexologist; Reiki I Certified; Author and candle maker.   

I love music, dancing and pretty much anything that has to do with FUN. 

However, I understand not all aspects of life are fun.  After my father-in-law

passed away in December, 2015 at 66 years of age, I realized how precious our

time is and suddenly felt the need to be doing something "productive" at every

waking moment.  Since my kids were grown, I had more freedom with my time

outside of work, so seeking light and comfort, I started making candles.   


Life was busy, going through the motions day to day.  Always thinking about the next thing on an endless to do list.  Turns out, the light I was seeking was my own.  It was over-shadowed with stress, anxiety and limiting beliefs.  It was time for something to change.   


One step, one BUTI® Yoga class, one moment, one connection to self.  I felt so alive and vibrant! The energy created had a ripple effect into my life!  I was finding my RHYTHM on and off the mat.  It might have been one conversation, one letter, one word, one book, one course, one click, one try, one choice. One thought, one thing, one step, lead to the next thought, next thing and next step.  Each of which lead me here.  Without any REST in between, I was on a REPEAT loop until the universe intervened, which brings me here with you now. 


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey to rhythm, rest, repeat.   


After all, I am NessaCery and so are YOU!  



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