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On Germs Terms

Today I am at home in my pj's sick with a cold...ugh. Normally I would be spending my time doing laundry or cleaning the house...(what an exciting weekend I know right?) LOL So here I am "on germs terms" and decided what better use of my time then to start a blog. I have thought for a long time now I really should start one. It sounds like a cool thing to do, I would think to myself. All my friends were doing it! LOL Okay maybe not ALL of my friends. Not really sure what to blog about to be quite honest, but back in the day when I had more time on my hands, I used to have a diary or journal...the old fashioned pen to paper kind of one. I didn't write everyday, but when I did the thoughts would just flow from my head...or heart, to the paper, almost automatically. It was an outlet, and sometimes would even help me to sort out my feelings. Even when I was pregnant with my first, I would write, and continued when time would allow.

Long story short...as my beautiful little baby girl grew from my arms to my lap to running on her own two feet, I was much too busy to write! But for some reason I always made time to record all the important and fun stuff in her baby book! Maybe deep down I knew that first words and first steps and first hair cut would pass me by before I knew it and I didn't want to forget a single moment!! Okay so maybe I went a little overboard sometimes ...my husband would laugh and say "really? do we need to know when she had a poopy?". I would just smile...and reply "but hon, what if the doctor asks me about that?".

Fast forward to when she was two and a half, along came her little brother! Needless to say her baby book was not getting nearly as much attention to say the least! Luckily when she said "Mommy, I not a baby any more, I a big sister!", it was as if I had permission to stop writing about every little thing. Who knows...if she hadn't of said that would I still be writing about every little detail of her life? LOL Your're welcome sweety!

So with a busy toddler, a brand new bouncing baby boy....AND a new baby book to keep up with, I was in for huge surprise. I had good intentions for the book, but I had to be realistic...I found it was much easier for me to quickly jot stuff on the calendar and record it in the book later. That worked perfectly! The home video camera was great too! Especially for capturing the moment to the full effect! This year our daughter will be 18 and our son 15...and it truly feels like it happened on fast forward when I didn't even press the forward button :(

I am so glad I took the time keep track of their early years when we look at the books now! And the kids love it too. I showed them their books when they turned 10 because I felt they were old enough to appreciate it...and the looks on their faces were absolutely priceless!!

Sometimes I think I get so caught up in the where are we going, I forget where I have been. And, I haven't been to a lot of places in this world, but I have been a part of something bigger than myself, and for that I will always be very humbled and proud at the same time.

So, "on germs terms" I started a new journal, and even though the laundry is still in a pile, and yes I am still in my pj's...as I blow my nose again for like the 30th time, I also wipe away a couple of joyful tears.

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