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One week ago, there I was, sitting on the beach, soaking up the sun in Cuba! Although it is nice to be home, I have to admit I find myself daydreaming about being there again, especially on a day like today when I looked out the window only to find white stuff flying around!

We made wonderful memories, some new friends and footprints in the sand. The sunset cruise was AMAZING!!! So glad we did that! (and equally glad none of us fell off the boat to meet the jellyfish). Having coffee at 6:00am with my hubby, watching the morning sunrise over the mountains, was absolutely breathtaking! A perfect way to start the day!

A few adventures led us to learn a little about Cuba, see the surroundings and meet some local farmers. Seeing how they live was truly awakening. On our hike, we met a local family with two little girls, they welcomed all of us onto their farm, and gave us fresh mangos to eat. We offered our sandwiches and juices, they were so happy! I gave the father the pack of gum from my bag, and as we were leaving the one little girl came running up to me, hugged my legs and looked up at me with the biggest smile!

It puts things into perspective, I always thought we lived a pretty simple life, a little house, nothing fancy. We have so many conveniences, that all too easily I have taken for granted. Something as simple as toothpaste for example, and clean drinking water! All in all we had an amazing time and will definitely go back sometime again!


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