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The Lists

I have come to appreciate the importance of "lists"!! I might even have to admit that I could possibly be a little addicted to them. There is the "grocery list", the "budget list", the "wish list", the "to do list", and of course the "honey to do list" (that one is my favorite)!! Last but not least, the "bucket list"!

I remember a time when I could tell myself that I needed to do something, and then I would just "remember" to do it! Simple right? Yes, I know...but now it's the remembering what I told myself part I have trouble with. Then for the times I do remember what I told myself, somehow I find a way to talk myself out of doing it....Hmmmm okay well I guess that is a whole other issue LOL will add that to my self improvement to do list!!

My lists are not only to keep my sanity in check, they usually serve a greater purpose...such as "the grocery list" which is prepared for the very survival and well being of our family. Although not sure if pop really supports the well being part, but could definitely qualify as a survival item in my family's minds...up there kinda like my coffee beans!!

Similar to the grocery cart that somehow ends up with surprise items tossed in without notice, life tends to toss a few extra surprise items that aren't on the list!! For example...What do you mean we need a new transmission? Or ummm, our washing machine quit, oh and ya the time our basement flooded. Those are the wonderful "surprises" that make life so ummm "exciting" sometimes!!!

Regardless of the "planned" items, and the "surprise" items, or the "just for the heck of it" items that end up on the lists, I will celebrate the most fun part of any list...checking things off! ✔

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