What is a word?  Simply put, a word is a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed.


I feel words are so much more!  Words are powerful.  They can make or break.  Wound or heal.    Inspire or backfire.  Let us help you find the perfect NessaCery Sentiment! 

Art Cards

Currently featuring the work of two local artists who I am very thankful to be related to.  Choose from a selection of prints of their beautiful artwork, or select the original one-of-a-kind piece.  The inside of the cards feature a blank paper insert.  We will be offering stock message inserts to choose from and also custom inserts for a nice personalized touch.  Here are a few examples of some of their artwork.  I am very thankful to be connected to these amazingly talented women!   


Evelyn Berdan of Durham, Ontario ~
     As a youth I was really "drawn" to portraiture, however my realism approach was discouraged while abstract was encouraged. Hence I directed my artistic desires toward sewing which helped supplement the income while my husband and I raised our four children. Having rekindled my art interests, I have surprised myself, friends and family with a variety of artworks.   I hope that Someday, Somewhere, Someone's heart will be touched by my art and spark a pleasant thought or memory.

Louisa Durrant of Hanover, Ontario ~ 

    Coming from a family where the love of art existed, the talent that Mom had must have rubbed off on me.  What got me motivated to get drawing, would have  to be a desire to appreciate my surroundings, the variety of  color everywhere,  whether it be in flowers, the beauty that exists in  different races, the ability to express emotion in a portrait.  It all gives me great satisfaction and joy to see the results it produces.  When someone appreciates what has been produced, the motivation keeps me painting even more.

PS - All thanks goes to the one who put those colors there in the first place


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"That whose existence is necessary must necessarily be one essence." - Avicenna

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